Everifin Backend is a RESTful API interface providing access to the end user's banking data.

It uses standards such as HTTP verbs, RESTful routing and JSON for payloads.

Wants to know all the details?

Technical documentation

These guidelines are designed to help deliver an effective Open Banking ecosystem, meeting the needs of TPPs in providing services to PSUs.

It provides information about endpoints, parameters, data types, authentication, curl, JSON, the command line, Chrome’s Developer Console, JavaScript, and more.

Rather than learning about these concepts independent of any context, learn them by immersing yourself in a real scenario while using our API.

A test environment is available with unlimited test connections.

Feel free to ask questions to avoid re-work.

Security matters

The level of consumer protection against cyber threats conforms to standards required by law. We developed built-in security measures such as encryption, access control or disaster recovery to protect clients’ data.

Avoiding intermediate steps in payments strengthens the security of the processes. This guarantees more privacy for the user, protecting their data and being able to cary out the eKYC process with reinforced authentication to avoid fraud.

Furthermore we ensure double insurance coverage (everifin and bank)

Our partners

We proudly present to you our partnership with other innovative companies