Open banking by everifin

Understand your customer’s financial behaviour, build personalized solutions, and make better decisions.

Use our API to integrate bank accounts and initiate payments directly from your app.

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Access bank data

Account data

Centralize access to consolidated bank accounts within a a single interface.


Link multiple bank accounts from banks across Europe to get comprehensive insights.

Payment by PISP

Let your users initiate payments and transfers from their bank without leaving your application or website.

Build smart solutions

Start building powerful applications on top of valuable bank data to enhance user experience. Whatever the scale or scope of your business, everifin is the essential elements of your ideal solution.

Accounting program

Streamline invoice processing

Cut out hours of manual data entry

Investment companies

Create a portfolio

of investments and define the assets allocation

Payment by PISP

Propose an innovative and more secure payment option

Expand your payment methods offering


Prepare analysis and forecasts, advise on retirement savings

ERP system

Automate business processes

Work with reliable up-to-date feeds

Loans and Mortgages

Facilitate consumer credit scoring

Automate company credit assessment

Integrated banks

We connect your application to your users’ bank accounts across Europe.

Ensuring at least 90% of market coverage in each country we want to guarantee the sufficient open banking penetration to our customers.

Haven’t found your bank?

Developer friendly API

User friendly API for smooth integration with your application 100% API based (no screen-scrapping or reverse engineering).


Comprehensive API documentation

Unlimited test connections

Test environment available

Technical support

Contribute to green transition

67% of paper used for invoices is made from fresh trees

More than 30 billion paper invoices sent annually in Europe

Non-recyclable toxic paper receipts printed out in the shops

We do care

Our eco-innovation technology enables companies and retailers to reduce the environmental and financial cost of paper invoices and paper receipts.

Everifin was awarded with the Seal of Excellence in the recent Green Deal cut-off in EIC Accelerator. It contributes to sustainable transformation of the EU economy.

Our partners

We proudly present to you our partnership with other innovative companies