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Everifin Paygate - Fast Bank Transfer

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Instant payments secured by bank encryption 

Everifin - Fast Bank Transfer is the safest online payment. 

How to do it? 

It's really simple: 

1. Select your bank from the list.  

2. Enter your internet banking login details directly on your bank's page. Tutorials are available here  

3. Confirm the payment. 

4. After returning to the e-shop page, your payment is complete, and your purchase is finished. 


Safety First
The payment goes directly from your bank account to the merchant's bank account. Funds do not travel through any intermediary, which eliminates all potential problems. Your data is secured by bank encryption. In addition, we never store data about your balances and transactions, only the essential data is stored. 

Financial Data within the EU
Unlike card payments. no payment-related data leaves the territory of the European Union. 

Higher Limits
Higher daily payment limits compared to debit or credit card payments due to increased security. 

Instant Payments
Unlike a regular bank transfer, the merchant receives information about a successful payment instantly, right after you authorize the payment. 

Speed and Simplicity
To make payments easier for you in the future, you have to remember the account from which you make the payment. This ensures that you no longer have to enter all your login details for subsequent payments. This data is stored on your device, nowhere else. 

Support for European Banks
Do you have a bank account abroad? No problem, you can make your payment from any European bank which we currently support. 

Everifin is a proud partner of brands like Invia, Rohlík, Exisport, Andrea Shop, and many others. 


How does Everifin - Fast Bank Transfer work?
You can find all the information and step-by-step videos on the payment process in your bank here.  

What do I need for the payment?
Considering that the payment takes place directly in your bank's environment, you will need login data. Some banks then require subsequent payment confirmation with a second factor (mobile token, SMS). Entering passwords takes place directly in the bank, Everifin, nor your merchant or store can ever access your login data. 

I didn't find my bank
The vast majority of banks are supported, and we are still working on expanding coverage. If you still haven't found your bank, let us know about this by using the option "I didn't find my bank", where you then enter its name. 

What is Everifin?
Everifin is a payment gateway from Usability Engineering Center s.r.o., which is licensed as a payment institution by the National Bank of Slovakia  

You can also find more information in the About us.